Monday, June 4, 2012

Sailboat & whale cookies

And another cohort treat, this time for a new baby boy!  These are my mom's sugar cookies with meringue powder royal.  I've not done much decorating with royal.  One thing that seemed odd was that adding color seemed to thicken the icing.  Maybe it was more time out, but you can see the little crabs have far more texture than the whales or the boat sails.
And I think it ended up working best when I didn't use a thicker royal to outline and another to flood.  I did the sails all with one consistency, and I think that turned out best.  Maybe not for details (like my fish-face instead of smiling whales), but at least for the sails.  Looking forward to more practice!

1 comment:

Nicole Marsh said...

So cute! Love the little whales. I think cookies come out better if you use the same icing to outline and fill, its always tricky for me to get the right consistency tho.