Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grapefruit Marshmallows

I thought I'd take a second try at marshmallows. Last time it was peppermint, this time I wanted to try something citrus. I had red grapefruit in the fridge, so grapefruit marshmallows! I was taking pictures all along, the juice was really pretty, but didn't realize til today even after cutting the marshmallows, that I didn't have a card in the camera - rgh!

Anyway, I used Emeril's Lemon Marshmallows and just subbed grapefruit for anything lemon, and only used a tsp zest. I was hoping they'd be a bit pinker since the juice was so pretty, but the very, very faint pinkish is nice for marshmallows, too. One of the reviews said it only took 3-5 min of beating, so I was careful not to beat too long. My first batch (the peppermint) was really firm, so I tried to be careful, though I think I underestimated this time. They hold, but they're very squishy. Probably closer to what they should be (it took a lot to melt the peppermint in cocoa), but I'd like them a little firmer. The grapefruit flavor is nice, though there's just a hint of bitterness. I think the lemon would be a cleaner flavor.

Next I'm hoping to try either cocoa or espresso cocoa from Talanian's Marshmallows. Though I also saw sweetfineday's cardamom ones when searching for other grapefruit marshmallows. I love cardamom, but haven't really used it much, so I need to try that, too :)

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Anonymous said...

Your marshmallows look perfect. I need to try making them again. The last time I made them they were a disaster.