Monday, April 6, 2009

Bread Bowls & French Onion Soup

I loved the French Onion Soup in a bread bowl at Mary's Market when we lived in Rockford. This was about 15 yrs ago, but it still feels like winter here, so out of my reminiscing I thought I'd try to make my own.

I love the Artisan Bread in Five, and just made little loaves, then lopped off the top and pulled out all but maybe 3/4 in of bread. For the soup, I used an epicurious recipe and left out the celery.

The bread is much better than I remember, the soup was nowhere near as good. I also don't think I'm as enamored with bread bowls as I used to be, but that could be because I kept eating all the scraps as I was making the bowls! In the end, it was a nice winter meal, though I'm not sure we'll be repeating it :)

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