Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yogurt Cheese

I've been making yogurt a lot lately - we have a donvier yogurt maker that has it's own little containers and they're the perfect amount for the kids (besides that it's only yogurt). With half of one of the batches, I made yogurt cheese.
The yogurt:

Boiling the towel (just to make sure it's sanitized, I'm not sure this is necessary). Lining the strainer and adding the yogurt.

And after 24hrs

I added 2 TB of fresh parsley and a green onion, and we used it in a wrap with spinach, red peppers and tomatoes. It was nice - almost a cross between cream cheese and yogurt (in texture and flavor). I've read of others adding olive oil and red pepper flakes and serving with toasted pitas - I'm hoping to try that next time.