Friday, May 21, 2010


I got Greweling's Chocolates and Confections and some molds for Christmas, and I just got to try playing around a little!

Based on what I happened to have, I tried the Poodles, but I molded them instead of dipping and rolling in the chocolate curls, so it probably doesn't seem to make sense that these would be called Poodles. Anyway, the cream's infused with coffee, then used in the ganache. It was my first time using a polycarbonate mold, and it got incredibly messy. And I had trouble keeping the chocolate in temper, working with a smaller amount. I'm not sure how I'll change that yet... but in spite of it all, they were pretty tasty :)

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Leslie said...

They look fabulous! I have this book, but my involvement with it so far has only been drooling. Greweling taught a chocolate class when I went to Boot Camp at the CIA and he is a terrific instructor and all around funny guy.

The poodle curls look cool but I know my curling skills to be awful, so I would probably go this path, too.