Monday, May 3, 2010

Tea Party!

My daughter's Daisy troop had a Teddy Bear Tea Party last weekend, so I had to find a girly dessert to bring!

I've done the Peggy Porshen royal icing butterflies before, and it worked out a little better. I tried doing too many at a time and my pink icing was too thick, so the wings weren't as fine, but it worked out anyway. I cheated, too, and didn't bother putting them together on the folded paper, I just made the wings, stuck them in the icing and then royal iced the body. The bodies are still wet here, but had dried by the time we got to the party an hour later.

I used Toba's Moist Yellow Cake for the cupcakes. One recipe makes about 27-28 cupcakes. They're fantastic, though at least in cupcake form, need to be eaten the day of, otherwise they dry out. They're pretty great cupcakes same day.

The frosting's a double batch of Rosenberg's buttercream that's available online as a mocha version (just omit the water and coffee). We love the buttercream, and have eaten plain with fruit, because we're so health-minded :)

The tea party was cute, the girls were all dressed up, posing with their teddy bears. Fun little tea party!


Emily Milling said...

Was the butercream you used more stiff or slack? I'm looking for a really good stiffer recipe that's also light... should I try yours?

Joy said...

I think it's most like the texture of a swiss meringue. It's lighter than the meringue buttercreams, less like straight butter, it tastes more like the cream. It's not as stiff as a traditional american powdered sugar frosting, though I've not played around with adding more ps either. It does get quite a few bubbles, and I'm not sure about the refrigeration requirements. I've covered it with fondant after refrigerating it, and it seemed to hold up well.
Let me know when you find "the one" - I'd love to try it! :)