Saturday, February 4, 2012

Philadelphia Style Chocolate Ice Cream

In preparation for Christmas baking, I'd bought a half gallon of Horizon cream at Costco.  I know a half gallon seems ridiculous, but it's so reasonably priced that I can't help myself.  Anyway, I ended up only making one batch of caramels for Christmas, so I was left with a lot of cream.  Enter the chocolate cake kick, all with lots of ganache and whipped cream!  And still I was left with about 4 cups of cream!  

I don't usually think of ice cream in winter in Wisconsin, but since it's been a pretty warm winter and I had four cups of cream on my hands.... I started browing the Perfect Scoop.  I tried both the vanilla philadelphia style ice cream and the chocolate.  My 4 year old's favorite ice cream is vanilla, which is perfect for his shirts!  And the vanilla was very good.  The chocolate though.  The chocolate is incredible!  It's rich, dark, chocolaty and perfectly scoopable from the freezer!  I used El Rey Bucare 58.5%, and it was really perfect.  Usually I like going for a darker chocolate, but it's what I had on hand, and I don't think I would use darker next time.  I do have Lebovitz's truffles and thin mints as add-in's for next time though!

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Leslie said...

I'm with you on cold things during the winter, but when you find a flavor of ice cream you love, it's worth bundling up for. This one looks amazing!