Monday, September 14, 2009

Apple Turnovers

I was really excited about this week's selection - the start of fall, apple picking, and apple turnovers! We went apple picking over the weekend - and picked plums, too (a little overboard on the plums - 13lb! I'd love any suggestions for using up the plums). For apples, we got gingergolds and macintosh. I was really excited about the macs, we always seem to go too late for those.

I'm not great with pie crusts yet - I think I undermixed trying to not overwork it. The five-year-old was helping with putting these together, so I didn't brave the egg wash and sugar :)

These were delicious! And I love the make half, freeze half size of the batch. We'll be having these again! Thanks to Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen for this week's pick!


Megan said...

I used to love apple picking when we lived in NY. There's nothing like an apple fresh off the tree.....


Anyways, I think the crust looks perfect!

Jules Someone said...

So glad these were enjoyed at your house. I think it looks great! Thanks for baking with me this week.