Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TWD Tourtely Apple Tart

Still without a pie or tart tin, I decided I'd try doing a slab pie version in a 7x11 pyrex. I used a half recipe, and I forgot to sub out for the nuts for the crust, but otherwise I tried going by the recipe. That crust dough is incredible - I kept sneaking bits out when I was rolling. I love almond extract! When I was growing up our local Baskin Robbins used a little almond extract in their buttercream for their ice cream cone clowns. I loved those clowns.

So this tart/pie was a little more grown up than frosting ice cream clowns, but it was very nice! The kitchen smelled fantastic after adding the apples back to the browned butter. These were very easy to eat, and I justified quite a few snacks :-)

Thanks to Jeannette of The Whimsical Cupcake for this week's pick!


Nicole said...

My husband liked the crust too and said "good almond cookie dough" when he sampled the crust! I like the slab version, it reminds me of an apple dessert I used to get at this local German bakery (which the owner retired, so sad!)

Flourchild said...

Oh yum!!! This looks amazing! I love almond extract too!

Tia said...

it looks like apple slab pie :) great job!
Buttercreambarbie Tia

Judy said...

What a creative and delicious solution!

AmyRuth said...

Yep, that brown butter just about did me in too. Almost didn't make it to the pan at all. he he