Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been liking lemon lately (especially Emeril's lemon marshmallows), and one of my sometime goals is to learn to temper chocolate. Technicolor Kitchen's truffles looked lemony and I loved the idea of dipping them in a dark chocolate. I ended up quartering the recipe, but keeping all the zest, for:
113g white chocolate, finely chopped (4oz Ghiradelli)
grated zest of 1 lemon
1TB lemon juice
1 1/2TB heavy cream
Make the ganache, then add the zest and juice. Let chill overnight, roll into truffles.

I tried dipping half of them in Trader Joe's 72% Belgian chocolate. You can see my challenges with dipping! I tried doing the microwave method for tempering (with really no idea of what I'm doing). The chocolate on these bloomed, I think maybe because the truffles were straight from the fridge? (in addition to whatever else - need more practice!) The rest I rolled in Scharffen Berger natural cocoa. The cocoa was certainly a smoother process, but I really like the flavor of the dipped chocolate. The ganache is quite soft, so I think I'll need to adjust that for next time (extract for the juice?), or else try using molds instead.

With my leftover chocolate, I dipped some of Talanian's lemon marshmallows. They are very lemony- a bit too tart for me, so I thought the chocolate could be nice. They're ok, I just have never really liked the chocolate-marshmallow easter eggs, so I'm not sure why I thought I'd like these much. The chocolate didn't bloom, but it's not glossy like I think it should be. I need to try again when I can devote more attention to it!

The texture of these marshmallows though is amazing - velvety, pillowy. Talanian provides a sugar syrup recipe to use instead of corn syrup, which she says makes the difference. I'm hoping to try her coconut, margarita, amaretto and chocolate marshmallows, too!

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Patricia Scarpin said...

I love anything lemon - is a real favorite of mine - and I'm glad to know you made the truffles. They look fantastic and I bet the chocolate coating was a wonderful addition.
Now I want to try the lemon marshmallows!