Friday, October 2, 2009

Caramel Apples

The caramel apples I've made before have all been the Kraft kind, so I was excited to see in the Baked cookbook a recipe for caramel apples.

It didn't work perfectly, but it was all manageable. My first issue was that the recipe calls for a small pot. I'm thinking 'That must mean a saucepan. But it's caramel, it's going to boil over. But the directions say a small pot and to tip the pan to cover the apples, so there won't be that much caramel....' Anyway, I started with a saucepan and then transferred to a dutch oven when that boiled over.

I didn't have a vanilla bean, so I subbed in a tsp of vanilla and added it at the very end. The recipe also calls to bring the temp to 245, but I only got to 242.5 and it looked like the bottom of the pan was going to burn soon, so I quit then. I also realized when taking the photo that I should select apples not only for size but by how they stand. The second row's a little rough.

They turned out great! The caramel is a nice, light caramel, not too sticky, covered well for eating. Definitely will be making these again!

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Megan said...

They may not stand at attention, but I'll bet they tasted great. I'll have to check out that recipe, since Sabrina loves caramel but I can't buy it from the store.