Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lattice Apple Pie

My next effort with the apples! I've done a few apple pies in the past, but don't really have a favorite. They've usually turned out a little runny, so I figured a lattice would help some. I used the Lattice Apple Pie with Mexican Brown Sugar
from epicurious, with the brown sugar and molasses substitution.

The crust turned out great! It's been really exciting to start to get flakier crusts this past few months. The sugar on top was fun, too :) The pie was pretty good, strongly flavored with the molasses, but not as much from the spices. It was best still warm. The next day, I could taste the flour which wasn't super pleasant. I'll keep this in my epicurious box to maybe try again, but I'm also looking forward to trying more pies!


Megan said...

I have that exact same recipe bookmarked - I'm glad it came out so well. Tis the season for apple pie!

I've got to work on my crusts - they haven't been coming out properly and I know it's me.

Prudy said...

Oh, that's so pretty! I love your pic of the big barrel of apples below, too.