Friday, February 25, 2011

Meyer Lemon Granita

For the first time ever, I found Meyer lemons! I kept debating how I should use my precious four lemons, and finally decided to try a sorbet, and then still couldn't find my freezer insert, so I went with a granita instead. I found Steingarten's Meyer Lemon Granita.

It was nice - not too sweet, a little floral, very light. I hope to find them again and try everything I didn't get to - lemon curd, lemonade, candied, ice cream and maybe something savory.


Charlene said...

Oh, bring on summertime when
I get the old glass pitcher out
The one my mom used to make ice tea, or lemonade full of ice we drank cups afteer cupw till the whole pitcher was empty and we were kids smiling with sticky cheeks.

Mary said...

Yum. The granita looks great. I recently got a huge box of meyer lemons and did recipes from it every day this week.

Leslie said...

I wish you lived close by because I have a shopping bag full on my counter, given to me by a coworker. We're so lucky to have them growing here in Calif. I think I'll juice some of them so I can make this granita when the weather warms up!