Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yellos gf cupcakes

Another of my efforts to bake gluten free. The little ones wanted some yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, so I found these Gluten-free Yellow cupcakes from allrecipes via cakecentral. CakeCentral has been a great resource for me. The bakers there are very helpful, and it's fun to browse everyone's projects!

Anyway, the cupcakes went ok. They fell, so they didn't look as nice as the photos on allrecipes. I find the rice flour to have a little bit of metallic aftertaste. I'm hoping to try experimenting with some other flours, and just picked up some millet flour yesterday (though I passed on the $12 quinoa flour, I think I may have to purchase a mill).

These were nice and light, though. And leveled and decorated in cake form, I'm sure they'd be a great cake!

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