Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter cookies

I signed up to bring cookies for my kid's Easter party at school yesterday (and the reason for the late-night photo). I wanted something easy but cute - so bunnies and chicks with minimal decoration :)

I'd tried making bunnies and eggs last year with royal icing, and while the eggs looked pretty and the bunnies were ok, the cookies got hard and stale. This summer I'd tried making onesies cookies with this fondant for icing, and I loved that there's no wait time for drying and the cookies and frosting stay soft. And rolling and cutting out the fondant is so much faster. I used Wilton chocolate wafers for the piping. Again, little wait time. I was able to package everything up ten minutes after piping. So convenient!

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Megan said...

How adorable!! Hope all went well with the party, I'm sure everyone crazed over these cookies!